Senior Year in College

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It’s my senior year in college, and I am finding that although my previous years were hectic – this year is proving to be much busier.

Maybe it’s just because I have finally realized that I will be graduating this year and beginning another chapter in my life called “The Real World”!  Actually I am getting anxious about getting a job, paying my own bills, and embarking on an unknown journey.

This year my plate is full with 6 classes, softball responsibilities, and club functions.  This doesn’t even include all the social events!  Whew, I am tired!  I have finally taken the word “prioritize” more seriously, and believe it is the key to success in college.  At least that is what I would say if someone asked.  “Moderation” would be another word – learning your limits, and staying within a set limit.

I will write more as the year progresses… wish me luck!


Juggling College and Teen Life

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Hi everyone!

This blog will be attached to my website – – And who am I?  I am a random college student trying to make my way through college.  Trying to juggle my academics, athletics, social life, and everyday things that make up my life, and alot of other college students lives.

My website concentrates on the issues that interests’ college age students and teenagers.  It deals with social issues, entertainment, education, and all things young adult oriented.  Sometime I try and throw in a bit of levity, sometimes what I have to share is serious.  But whatever the topic I try to research our information thoroughly and with open eyes. 

So I hope that this blog and my website give you the eyes and thoughts of a young person and all the things facing us in this complex world we are faced with.

Thanks, and see you in the blogs!

Tory H.